• Thermoplastic TPO

    TPO, which stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, is comprised of a blend of polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber, which gives it a combination of unique and highly sought-after properties.

    The demand for TPO, a strong, versatile, and relatively new roofing system, is quickly growing, with gross sales of TPO now amounting to more than the combined sales of all other flat roofing systems.


    TPO is designed for maximum reflectivity and heat resistance, easily qualifying it for LEED credit, an outstanding Energy Star rating, and Cool Roof Rating Council approval. Reduced cooling expenses are a consistent cost saver for businesses with TPO roofs, and its weatherproof features make it excellent for storm-prone areas.

    Roofs constructed with TPO can come in white, tan, and gray, but white typically outsells the other color options because it is the most reflective and therefore heat resistant. Also resistant to puncturing, tearing, and wind uplift, TPO roofs are incredibly durable, and are sold with an average warranty of 20 years.

    TPO membranes come in a variety of thicknesses that allow businesses to balance protection and longevity needs with immediate budget constraints. Not all benefits of TPO are dependent on thickness, making it extremely cost-effective in cases where its high UV resistance matters most and harsh weather conditions or roof traffic are less of a concern.

    The cost of TPO is relatively low compared to its added benefits. Over the long term, its longevity and cost-saving efficiency offset the initial price of material, while the labor for installation is typical for any single-ply roofing system. Plus, the promise of its reliability may be a mental and financial reassurance of real value to businesses that can’t afford to miss a beat. In cases where quality cannot be compromised for any reason, TPO is often the best roofing option.


    Like other single-ply roofing options, TPO can be installed by being mechanically fastened, ballasted, or fully adhered. When heat-welded, TPO can be formed into a single impenetrable sealed membrane to prevent leaks and displacement.

    Sheets of TPO can be as wide as 12 feet across, speeding up installation and reducing corresponding labor costs. TPO can also be installed over roofs with irregular shapes, such as curves and domes.

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